Like many radio personalities, Rod Ryan’s career has taken an interesting path. From the icy tundra of Buffalo, NY — where he grew up, went to college, interned, and picked up his full time radio gig at WEDG-FM in 1996 – to 8 years in New Orleans, and finally to his home since 2004 at 94.5 Buzz (KTBZ-FM) in Houston.

Weekday mornings from 6 to 10 am listeners tune in for The Rod Ryan Show, hosted by Rod and co-hosted by Dinah Powers, Jessica DeBate, and Doug Faulk. Features on the show include “Sex, Jail, Blood or Fame”, where listeners recount their weekend activities in regard to sexual adventures, arrests, horrific injuries, or encounters with celebrities, and “Free Beer Friday”, where a case of beer is given away to a caller every hour.

While topics and content of the show may be a little wild for some, you have to admire Rod’s dedication to local causes – as he says, “The thing I am MOST PROUD of is the way we have been able to help. In our time here in Houston we have raised over $1,250,000 for various charities.”