While it may seem like everyone is constantly surfing the web on their smartphone, when it comes to pre-shopping behavior radio is still far in the lead.

New Arbitron-commissioned research shows AM/FM radio reaches 22% of adults 25-54 in the half hour before the peak 1-2pm shopping period. That’s more than four-times the number who are on the web and ten-times more than are using their smartphone. It’s also more than twice those watching live TV.

“This is the time, right before consumers are making their final decisions that AM/FM dominates during the decision-making,” Arbitron SVP Bill Rose told the RAB Radio Show . The MBI Touchpoints study also shows radio’s lead on other media for what what’s known as recency is even larger the closer the consumer gets to walking to the store, restaurant, or mall. “AM/FM radio reaches far more consumers in the moments of truth just prior to their purchase decisions,” Rose said. “When it comes to helping advertisers pursue the most consumers to buy their product, service or brand instead of another, at the last possible moment when the message is freshest in mind AM/FM radio is best for delivering the last word.” While shopping peaks in the early afternoon, radio’s peak listening time is 5:00-5:30 pm, when many people are on their way home making after-work errands.

Download the full study here: Where Radio Fits