Marketing Objective
A leading U.S. insurance company wanted to gauge the consumer receptiveness to a particular product offering, before rolling out their campaign nationally.

The Radio Solution
Radio was the exclusive medium used to promote the insurer’s product offering.  The campaign, featuring two unique :60 spots, ran for 12-weeks in a test market in the Southern United States.

The radio campaign provided the confidence the insurer needed to take the campaign national. In addition, compared to insurance prospects not reached by the radio campaign, radio-targeted prospects were:

+  26% more likely to think the offer was a great idea
+  12% more likely to consider switching to the insurer as a result of the advertised offer
+  71% more likely to have a positive perception of the insurer
+  73% more likely to recommend this insurer to family or friends

Katz Marketing Solutions commissioned Ipsos MediaCT to conduct online interviews with 600 insurance prospects (who reside in the same geographic footprint as the radio campaign) at the conclusion of the campaign. Data comparisons are based on consumers exposed to the radio campaign (and the other marketing channels) vs. consumers who were only exposed to the other marketing channels.

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