Pulling up a seat at your favorite coffee shop may be the most efficient way to write a paper or finish a work project. But now Coffitivity lets you bring the coffee shop to your cubicle.

Inspired by research showing that the whoosh of espresso machines and caffeinated chatter creates just the right level of noise to stimulate creativity, the web site, which is free, plays an ambient coffee shop soundtrack that, according to researchers, helps people concentrate.

Ravi Mehta, an assistant professor of business administration at the university who led the research, said that extreme quiet tends to sharpen your focus, which can prevent you from thinking in the abstract.“But moderate levels can distract people just enough so that they think more broadly. “It helps you think outside the box,” he said.

Coffitivity started on March 4. Since then, Seoul, Korea, is the top user city. New York City is second, followed by London, L.A. and Chicago.”

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