Marketing Objective
A well-known technology company was debuting a new digital camera prior to the important holiday shopping season.  The company’s goal was to generate excitement among consumers for this new camera and have them consider it for their next purchase.

The Radio Solution
The technology company ran a national multimedia campaign utilizing television, online and radio advertising.  Their primary target audience was African American and Hispanic consumers. In the top 10 media markets, radio aired for eight weeks (at 125 GRPs/week) primarily on Urban and Spanish formatted stations.  There were multiple radio spots in rotation (:60s) and the creative emphasized the intriguing features of the new camera.

The radio advertising helped drive incremental interest and consideration for the camera brand.  Compared to consumers not reached by the radio campaign, radio-targeted consumers were:

+  7% more aware that the camera was available in the marketplace
+  27% more likely to think favorably about the camera brand
+  12% more likely to consider buying this camera for their next camera purchase
+  18% more likely to recommend the camera to friends and family

Katz Marketing Solutions commissioned Ipsos MediaCT to conduct online interviews with 700 digital camera prospects (who reside in the same geographic footprint as the radio campaign) at the conclusion of the campaign. Data comparisons are based on consumers exposed to the radio campaign (and the other marketing channels) vs. consumers who were only exposed to the other marketing channels.

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