Chuy is No. 1 among young listeners, ages 18 to 34.  What makes him so popular?  It could be his boundless energy, strong local ties, longevity and an outgoing, approachable personality. But the thing that resonates with listeners is his street credibility, said Marcos Gutierrez, a lecturer in broadcasting at City College of San Francisco and a former DJ.

“He knows what happens in the street; that’s his forte,” Gutierrez said.  “He can’t lose that edge, that hunger, and is very conscious about what is said and what is happening in the street in music.  Plus, he uses the proper words to reflect that.”

Gomez lives the music from sunup to sundown – He holds down his morning show on KMEL-FM as well as an afternoon music video program on the California Music Channel, gigs at nightclubs and weekend promotional appearances all over the bay area.

“He was born and raised here, has a good personality and brings that all onto the radio,” said Sana G, one of the newer member of KMEL on-air team.  “He’s an inspiration for everyone.”

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