Adult Contemporary (AC) radio features a broad spectrum of music ranging from 1980’s melodic pop rock to hits of present day. The format takes a conservative approach to non-music content and is popular in an at-work environment.  AC radio avoids Hip Hop and Heavy Rock and in an article on MTV’s website Corey Moss describes the format: ” AC stations are where pop hits go to get a second life”.

In recent years it has become common for many AC stations to play nothing but Christmas Music during the holiday season. These Christmas music marathons receive extremely high listenership, often double or triple normal ratings. After New Years the stations resume their normal music mix.

AC personalities are warm and family friendly and any of these stations include a evening request and dedication show hosted by Delila or her competitor John Tesh.

Core Listeners: Adult Contemporary listenership is 60% female and appeals to the 35-44 year old age group.